Dr. Maria Vargas-Vera is a British Computer
Scientist with expertise  in Artificial Intelligence 



Maria Vargas-Vera (BSc Maths, MSc  CS, PhD AI, Marie Curie Fellow (MCF), Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS), Expert of the European Commission).

ORCID ID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3302-1751

Dr Maria Vargas-Vera is a British Computer Scientist with expertise in Artificial Intelligence. She received her first degree in Mathematics and a Master in Computer Science from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). Then, she received a PhD in Artificial intelligence from Edinburgh University, Scotland, UK  (1995).  During her academic career, Dr. Vargas-Vera  gained experience on research and teaching while working in Europe and Americas.

In the early years of her career in Europe she focussed her research in Knowledge-based Systems, Logic Programming and Uncertainty Reasoning. In 2000 she got involved in a project called “Advanced Knowledge Technologies” at Open University UK. This was a turning point as she experienced the possibility of the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques into  fields such as the Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing. Her major contribution in the Semantic Web was the automatic enrichment of text using semantics encoded in an ontology. The method was embedded in the MnM system a well know system in the Semantic Web Community. The MnM system automatically learns patterns from text and recognizes these patterns in unseen documents and populates automatically an ontology. It is worth to mention that MnM has boosted research on Information Extraction technologies.

Furthermore, Dr Vargas-Vera (together with Miklos Nagy) contribution in the Ontologies field was the development of a unique method for the ontology alignment using Dempster-Shafer (Theory of Evidence) coupled with a Fuzzy Voting Model (2005). The system which contains the novel alignment method is called DSSim which was one of the top systems in the International Evaluation of Ontology Alignment in 2008 where Dr. Vargas-Vera’s algorithms were benchmarked. Also, DSSim has been applied to the Discovery of Semantic Web Services, Trust of Semantic Web Services, Computer Configuration Problem and Linkage of Medical Records. These are examples of the innovative ideas of Dr. Vargas-Vera in different research areas. Furthermore, during her career Dr Vargas-Vera places a great deal of emphasis on practical applications of her ideas. She was involved in the development of MnM, AQUA, DSSim, DeepThink among other technologies. These software systems help to further disseminate and/or validate her ideas. Her work is highly cited and has influenced  a number of  Computer Scientists in several research areas such as, Ontology Engineering & Semantic Web.  She has presented open lectures around the world and she has been Guest Researcher at Poznan University of Economics, Poland and TU Dortmund Germany. Furthermore, Dr. Vargas-Vera  was  the  Chair of the “International  Pervasive Computing Applications and the Networked World Conference  ICPCA-SWS 2013”  held in Vinia del Mar Chile; December, 2013. Also, Dr. Vargas-Vera was a Keynote  Speaker at MICAI-2013 and Keynote Speaker at the 13th International Congress of Computer Science CORE-2013. More recently, Dr. Vargas-Vera’s work has focused in the area of Cryptography where she has developed  an encryption algorithm called Tu-vera. This algorithm is based on Marshal  Mikhail N. Tukhachevsky encryption algorithm developed  early  19th Century. Additionally,   Tu-vera has been applied to E-learning applications.

Finally, Dr Maria Vargas-Vera was awarded Marie-Curie Fellow (TOC) in 2007 and Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS)  in 2009  The FBCS grade was granted after an evaluation from the Fellowship Panel at BCS. The grade of Fellowship comprises the most senior and respected professionals in the Information Technology (IT) field. Further, she was member of the BCS-ELITE (Effective Leadership in Information  Technology) from February 2013 until 2017.

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