Maria’s Photos & Stories:

At the time that I finished my job with KMi at the Open University, Ortenz Rose together with the rest of my KMi colleagues wrote an article which was published in an electronic newsletter in 2006.  Thanks to all of them. Maria_leaves_KMI


I enjoy science fiction literature and painting exhibitionsIn the past, I did paintings and I got a Honorific Mention in a “painting competition” on the theme”nature & flowers”. Also, I enjoy to browse in antique shops and I collect and wear old brooches (Eighteen Century or earlier). My favourite music is the Huapango of Moncayo;   a 1941 composition from Jose Pablo Moncayo a Mexican composer. A quote from Wikipedia is the following: “the Huapango of Moncayo is not just an arrangement but a legitimate work inspired by the popular music of Veracruz ( El Siquisiri,El Balajú and El Gavilancito)”. Finally, I enjoy travel and I had been lucky to travel and visit many countries as part of the learning process (science, culture & society). In fact, I lived  in my second country, UK for more than  25 years. I also have lived in other countries for short period of time (like Cyprus, Poland, Germany, Belgium and Chile). Note that, besides, photos from the places where I have lived, there are also photos from places that I have visited. We acknowledge the use of some logos from  the Web. Finally, my  greatest  thanks to the Mexican Children Art . This art work  shows that there is not limitation on imagination and talent in any children. Well done kids. The last but not less important my huge thanks to the people who had helped me during these years.

Background music is called “Huapango de Moncayo” and it is played by “Herrera de la Fuente”.


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